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 Rift beta 6

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PostSubject: Rift beta 6   Rift beta 6 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 7:19 am

Beta 6: Planar War
  • Feb 4th, 18:00 GMT - Feb 7th, 18:00 GMT
  • Levels 1-35 (Guardian and Defiant)
  • Access to Scarwood Reach, King's Breach and the Whitefall Warfront!
  • Telara is left in chaos as the elemental planes force their way into reality. The armies of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Life, and Death launch devastating invasions through the rifts opening across the land. Beat back the invasions and eliminate the planar blight that's eroding this once-peaceful world.
  • Play to win! Seal any rift and receive planar loot and you could be eligible to win! In-Game Prize Packs will be given away to ten (10) select players who complete the objective!
Again, we are on Blightweald, Defiant side.
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Rift beta 6
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